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Timber Toybox was founded over a passion for sustainable craftsmanship, traditional woodworking techniques and an outstanding commitment to quality throughout our production process. We are proud to provide our team liveable wages, while using locally-sourced materials that provide each and every customer the utmost in engineered building quality.


January 2016

How We Got Started

Founder Les Strachan became inspired to create a engineered building system that utilized local wood products in a sustainable way, creating structures that were built to last.

March 2017

Our Journey

From a single drawing to a working prototype, Les hand-built the very first Timber Toybox on site at his home near Sproat Lake.

May 2017


Taking his prototype building a step further, Engineers were brought ‘on board’ to perfect the Timber Toybox system.

July 2017


Continuing to refine the Timber Toybox design, Les created his second prototype building on the future site of the Timber Toybox manufacturing facility.

August 2017

Our Team

With two buildings already manufactured on site, Les began to working to establish a local manufacturing facility while hiring trained craftsman to bring the Timber Toybox vision to life.

November 2017

The Future

Now, with proven engineered plans, a sustainable wood supply, a well-trained team and a full functioning manufacturing facility, Timber Toybox began creating the final refined prototype to be assembled on showroom property purchased in nearby Port Alberni.

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